So many achievements, so little time...what's a tree to do!

Wow, every time I go through my achievement lists I find more and more things I want to get done before Cataclysm hits.

So I'm feeling a bit distracted from my initial goal at the moment.  On a whim, I found myself grinding Timbermaw rep while waiting for my raid to start the other evening. Now I'm over halfway through Revered, which is good, and am looking forward to my cute summonable teddy bear that you get as a reward for Exalted!

But then it struck me that maybe I should be grinding Wintersaber Trainers rep for the cool mount in case it disappears...

And after hearing the awful news that the Zul'Gurub raid will no longer be around in Cataclysm, perhaps I should be grinding for the 2 mounts and the pet from there! Also want my Zandalar Tribe rep too!

Then there's my usual mount farming expeditions to keep up around Sethekk Halls (I've got this but helping some mates to farm for it), Magister's Terrace, Stratholme (I am SO jealous, this dropped for my hubby the other day! I WANT ONE TOO!), and Karazhan.

But what about those silly For the Alliance kills that I never bothered with! Or fishing for something in Orgrimmar!

Yeah I know, too much going on in this little tree'  I need to focus.  Be calm and focus.  And be clever with my time.


Wonder if my boss would mind if I just, you know, didn't come to work for the next few months...

So what are you trying to achieve before Cataclysm hits?


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  1. All of the above and catching you up on Loremaster. That's the basics I want to cover. Oh and killing LK of course XD