Busy times!

Wow, what a busy week it's been!

Firstly Operation Gnomeragan hit the live servers and I was pretty impressed, it was a cute quest chain and actually rather a lot of fun!  I also got to do the full horde version on my lvl 78 pally, was there on my own as I think most people had already done it by the time I went to have a go so it was a pretty epic battle!

Then of course there's been our usual raid nights - we're busy wiping on the Lich King at the moment.  But the last few sessions we've managed to get closer to the end of phase 2 with more alive and a few times got into the next transition phase so we're getting better!  The BigWigs addon (which a few of us have changed to for this fight instead of using DBM) has really helped us with the whole Defile mechanic - it's kinda hard to miss the verbal countdown it gives you so that's been fabulous!

Then over the weekend our illustrious GM had organised a 12hr raid which I attended - but rather than explain in my own words I shall point you to Demeternoth who has written about it here!

In between all this I've had a bit of a go on the Cata beta, started a baby Worgen (no chicks yet, only guys! boooo! But it's all very dark and mysterious, loving the Gilneas quest chains) and a goblin (lots of buggy quests so still not progressed too much on her yet but the quests I've done so far have been pretty cool!).  What I really wanted to do was copy over one of my 80's so I could go for a fly, but the character copy system wasn't working until about 2 days ago now and the only blue post was to say "we're aware of the issue and we're looking into it".  So that was a bit frustrating, but last night I checked and my 80 is there now!  Yay!  Shame I'm raiding tonight, but the weekend is almost here. :)

The other thing that we did last night was carry on where our 25man group left off from the 12hr raid, and we finished off Yogg Saron in Uldar!  So on top of all the lovely achievements I got that night, I've also finally seen and completed that fight!  Now to get the sucker on 10man. :D

So, although I haven't had much progress on my Insane grind, it's still been a pretty awesome achievement-packed fun-filled week!

I'm exhausted!


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