Long time no see...

Well, first I should apologise for having such an extremely long period of time between posts.  Real life took us by a bit of a suprise in September last year when hubby and I found out we were expecting our first baby!  I was quite ill throughout the pregnancy so WoW went totally on the back burner until our little girl was born in May this year!

Although before I took a break from raiding, I'm pleased to say that after a LOT of hard work, my raid team finally downed the Lich King, and also that silly purple dragon in Ruby Sanctum.  Yay!  :)

So we had a party!  Brewfest is such a good time for these kind of festivities!

When the Cataclysm hit Azeroth, I didn't exactly get off to a quick start on all the gearing required...I found myself logging on, thinking about doing a random dungeon, deciding I was too tired and couldn't be bothered, and logging out again.  Pregnancy does different things to different people, but with me it just made me incredibly tired, especially after an already long day at work.  So after downing a couple of the first few Cata bosses, I made the decision to quit raiding until after the baby was born to avoid holding my raid group back.  I'm yet to get back into it, as I still find myself unable to devote the kind of time needed to get the gear I would need, what with the demands of a young baby.

I have therefore decided to use what little time I have in-game these days to get back into achievement hunting as it's the kind of thing you can pick up and put down relatively easily.  I'm really enjoying just pootling around and taking in the scenery as I go.

Here's to re-discovery and getting excited about the game again!


Busy times!

Wow, what a busy week it's been!

Firstly Operation Gnomeragan hit the live servers and I was pretty impressed, it was a cute quest chain and actually rather a lot of fun!  I also got to do the full horde version on my lvl 78 pally, was there on my own as I think most people had already done it by the time I went to have a go so it was a pretty epic battle!

Then of course there's been our usual raid nights - we're busy wiping on the Lich King at the moment.  But the last few sessions we've managed to get closer to the end of phase 2 with more alive and a few times got into the next transition phase so we're getting better!  The BigWigs addon (which a few of us have changed to for this fight instead of using DBM) has really helped us with the whole Defile mechanic - it's kinda hard to miss the verbal countdown it gives you so that's been fabulous!

Then over the weekend our illustrious GM had organised a 12hr raid which I attended - but rather than explain in my own words I shall point you to Demeternoth who has written about it here!

In between all this I've had a bit of a go on the Cata beta, started a baby Worgen (no chicks yet, only guys! boooo! But it's all very dark and mysterious, loving the Gilneas quest chains) and a goblin (lots of buggy quests so still not progressed too much on her yet but the quests I've done so far have been pretty cool!).  What I really wanted to do was copy over one of my 80's so I could go for a fly, but the character copy system wasn't working until about 2 days ago now and the only blue post was to say "we're aware of the issue and we're looking into it".  So that was a bit frustrating, but last night I checked and my 80 is there now!  Yay!  Shame I'm raiding tonight, but the weekend is almost here. :)

The other thing that we did last night was carry on where our 25man group left off from the 12hr raid, and we finished off Yogg Saron in Uldar!  So on top of all the lovely achievements I got that night, I've also finally seen and completed that fight!  Now to get the sucker on 10man. :D

So, although I haven't had much progress on my Insane grind, it's still been a pretty awesome achievement-packed fun-filled week!

I'm exhausted!


A spanner in the works

Yup, that sure is a big spanner.

A bit like the fabulous and exciting news I got today...


(sorry to shout, but I'm just SO FLIPPING EXCITED!)

Yes it's true, thanks to the marvellous people over at NowGamer I now have a bona fide genuine Cataclysm Beta key!!  Yay!!

This does put me in somewhat of a quandry given all the things I want to do before Cataclysm comes out though (btw, I predict Nov 16 as the launch date - you heard it here first!).

That gives me 10 weeks.

10 weeks of complete and utter mayhem I expect!

On the plus side, after the weekend I feel like I'm progressing nicely with my various Insane rep grinds. My Dire Maul runs are getting faster and faster which is good. Shen'dralar is now halfway through Friendly. Steamwheedle Cartel reps are over halfway through the hard 36,000 rep slog that is "Hated" after which things should move a bit faster for a while - nice that they're all levelling up at the same rate though.

Have almost maxed out the initial Darkmoon hand-ins and will be moving on to farming herbs for darkmoon decks shortly. The only thing that feels slightly out of control is the Ravenholdt rep. Really must get hubby to do some LBRS farming for junkboxes for me.

So the best thing about getting a Beta key for me? Getting to fly around and have a nosy at what things are still in the game or that are not around anymore. Which should help me decide what I desperately need to work on now and what can maybe wait a bit. I'm hoping it'll answer a lot of questions for me. It's one thing trawling discussion boards for information, and totally another getting to just pop along yourself and take a look.

I'm not even that bothered about experiencing any of the dungeons - I'd actually prefer that they're left as a bit of a suprise if I'm honest as I'm sure we'll be grinding them for whatever the new Emblem is so there will be plenty of time to get used to them then. Though I will be checking out the worgen/goblin starter areas to see whether I want to kill off one of my alts and roll one when the expansion comes out.

I will try to take a few screenies as and when I can.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Talk soon!


So many achievements, so little time...what's a tree to do!

Wow, every time I go through my achievement lists I find more and more things I want to get done before Cataclysm hits.

So I'm feeling a bit distracted from my initial goal at the moment.  On a whim, I found myself grinding Timbermaw rep while waiting for my raid to start the other evening. Now I'm over halfway through Revered, which is good, and am looking forward to my cute summonable teddy bear that you get as a reward for Exalted!

But then it struck me that maybe I should be grinding Wintersaber Trainers rep for the cool mount in case it disappears...

And after hearing the awful news that the Zul'Gurub raid will no longer be around in Cataclysm, perhaps I should be grinding for the 2 mounts and the pet from there! Also want my Zandalar Tribe rep too!

Then there's my usual mount farming expeditions to keep up around Sethekk Halls (I've got this but helping some mates to farm for it), Magister's Terrace, Stratholme (I am SO jealous, this dropped for my hubby the other day! I WANT ONE TOO!), and Karazhan.

But what about those silly For the Alliance kills that I never bothered with! Or fishing for something in Orgrimmar!

Yeah I know, too much going on in this little tree's..er..head.  I need to focus.  Be calm and focus.  And be clever with my time.


Wonder if my boss would mind if I just, you know, didn't come to work for the next few months...

So what are you trying to achieve before Cataclysm hits?


Meeting up with Warcraft mates is a BLAST!!

Well, as the title suggests, I got to meet some of my oldest WoW friends IN PERSON on the weekend!!  Some from my guild, some from my raid group, and some old friends who I've been hanging out with in Azeroth since the very beginning.  Here's a little pic of us all for the record (thanks to Verde for the pic with everyone's names on):

What a fantastic bunch of people! And many thanks to Deme for letting us use her lovely new house and being such a fabulous hostess.

On a slightly more Insane note, not done much this weekend seeing as I've been having all this Real Life fun, although did manage to get Ravenholdt rep up to Revered (finally!) so have started handing in Heavy Junkboxes which feels nice to get started on.  Although it's slightly crap that you have to hand in 5 at a time and it only nets you 75 rep...that's gonna be a lot of boxes. *whistles for rogue hubby to get to work*

Also handed in a couple of Librams of Protection (got some Frayed Abomination Stitching after my usual weekly mount farming) so should be at Friendly reputation shortly.  Am looking to get my priest to farm all the herbs and make Rogues Decks with her Inscription profession - Darkmoon Faire next weekend so need to get my Thorium Widgets organised too.

That's it for now, more soon!